Grand Valley Brewery

Founded in the beautiful town of Grand Valley where the air is crisp, the water is pure and people take the time to do things the right way, our brewery is proud to be part of this growing community. We are focused on drink-ability and boundary-pushing recipes tempered only by the quality of craft. Grand Valley Brewery will always evolve, always grow, and always aspire to be better. There are no shortcuts when brewing Grand Valley Beer.

The foundation of our beer is the water we use which can only be found in the best aqua-fir reserves in Ontario. Water that is so pure, it needs no filtering or treatment before we brew it with the best malts and hops we can find. We combine these ingredients with our passion for great beer and the result is Grand Valley Beer.

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Our Craft

You’ll sometimes hear people describe craft beer as a sort of zeitgeist all on its own, coming out of nowhere to upend a century-old domination of the big corporate brewers, rising like punk rock to legendary status by following its own rules, and changing people’s expectations for what beer can be in the process.

Craft beer, at least in its current form, is part of something much bigger that’s changing about the way we eat and drink. The slow food movement that has transformed so many of the world’s dining experiences from city to city, bringing things like “farm to table” into our common vernacular. Phrases like “know your farmer,” which sounds a lot like “know your brewer.”

We are currently in the middle of installing our equipment. The shipment of the 15HL brew house arrived as well as 30HL fermenters and brite tank. Please visit us again for more details about our products.

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